October 23, 1878 letter to Sarah Keith from Hiram Crawford, Jr.

October 23, 1878

To: Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Hiram Crawford Jr., Chicago, IL

Hiram is writing his sister, Sarah Keith, and trying to address some issues that have apparently been raised by her daughter, Louese, about her living arrangement within Hiram’s household. Hiram senses that Sarah is concerned about the level of work and may want Louese to return home. Hiram also has the impression that Louese may feel that not enough is done for her in the way of clothing. If Hiram’s impressions are correct and Sarah wants Louese to return home, Hiram wants to make sure that she does it in such a way that Louese can leave with good feelings and return at any time and feel welcomed. Hiram then goes on to describe a very unpleasant conversation between their Mother, D.C. (who is visiting from Colorado), Prosper and himself about her living arrangements. She had been living with Sarah & Luke but apparently wanted to live on her own. They finally decided to agree to let her try and get a room in Galesburg for the winter.

This letter was recently found in 2018 and  posted to the Letters & Diary Entries from the 1860s  & 1870s blogsite and can be viewed here.

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