June 12, 1879 letter to Hannah Keith from Edna Crawford

June 12, 1879

To:  Hannah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Edna Crawford, Omro, WI

Edna writes about her responsibilities at home with housework and caring for her mother. Louisa had been doing better, but yesterday she was trying to walk with her crutches when she slipped and fell and hurt herself quite badly. Eugene is in Leadville, Colorado working with Uncle D.C.

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Omro June 12, 1879

Dear Cousin

You long letter was recd. some time ago & I have commenced to ans. it twice but some thing happening did not finish. We have been having real warm weather & with it company – first some young ladies from Oshkosh & lastly Mr. Birkelund from Chicago. You know how hard it is to do house work without a mother to go a head especially when you have company & I had to be in school & do what I could mornings and nights but they have all gone & we are to rest until Saturday, when there is some more coming to stay over Sunday. Mother[1] has been feeling pretty well until yesterday. She was trying to walk with her crutches when she slipped & fell and hurt her quite badly.

I had a letter from Eugene[2]. He is in Leadvill with Uncle D.C.[3] Likes it very much. Say if he makes a hundred thousand will be out to see us this fall. Do you expect him?

I have two week more of school and then a long vacation. How I do wish I could come and see you all or you were coming to to see us.

Edna[4] was going to be awful smart when she was first married. Wouldn’t catch her in any such fix &c, but they are always the first ones.[5] Are you going to stay with her? I would have good pay for it if I did. How are all of your folks[6], Henry[7], Nancy[8], babies and all? Father[9] and Will[10] are both away to work.

I don’t think I shall ever give my Auntie Bell[11] a chance to speak to me again. I wish she would come up here this summer. I would make her visit as pleasant as she did mine. You know you & I can do such things.

I suppose there isn’t any the rest of them as ugly as we. How does Grandma[12] get along? Is she moved yet?

Yes, you and I will visit our rich sisters & cousin, be old maids[13] and take care of the young ones. Goodby. Love to all.


Write soon.

[1] Louisa (McCann) Crawford. According to the 1880 census, Louisa had consumption and was “unable to attend to normal business or duties” as she was “maimed, crippled, bedridden, or otherwise disabled”

[2] Eugene Crawford, son of Edwin Crawford and his first wife Louesa (Hall)

[3] David Caleb (D.C.) Crawford

[4] Edna Alice (Crawford) Allen, daughter of Edwin Crawford and his second wife, Mary (Hamilton)

[5] Edna Alice was pregnant with her daughter, Madge Allen

[6] Luke and Sarah (Crawford) Keith

[7] Henry Brown, Hannah’s brother-in-law

[8] Nancy (Keith) Brown, Hannah’s sister

[9] Robert Crawford

[10] Edna’s brother

[11] Isabella (Steele) Crawford, Prosper’s wife

[12] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[13] Edna is approximately 20 years old and Hannah, 24 years old, at the writing of this letter

[14] Edna Crawford, daughter of Robert and Louisa Crawford


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