December 1, 1880 letter to Nancy Betts from Hiram Crawford Jr.

December 1, 1880

To: Nancy Betts, Galesburg, MI

From: Hiram Crawford Jr., Chicago, IL

It is a beautiful winter morning, very cold but no snow. Prosper and family are as usual and Belle is “up and down.” Hiram has not heard from Henry since August. He wonders if Henry is going to New York to work the first of the year.

1880-12-01 1880-12-01env

V.C. Turner, Pres’t.                                                                 H. Crawford, Treas.

North Chicago City Railway Co.

Office, 430 North Clark Street,

Chicago, Dec 1st 1880

Dear Mother

The beautiful winter morning finds us all well. Of course with the exception of our usual colds. A cold in the head seems to be necessary to this climate, at least eight months of the year. It is so common that nobody complains about it much. We have had no snow to speak of but the weather has been very cold, ground being frozen to the depth of fifteen inches.

L P[1] and family are about as usual. Belle[2] is up and down. Dont improve much. Her sister has not come yet. Nothing from Colorado since I last wrote[3]. I havnt heard from Henry[4] since August. I wonder if he is going to New York the first of the year.[5]

Enclosed please find Six (6) doler with love.

Affectionately Your Son

H Crawford


[1] Lucius Prosper Crawford, also known as Pros or L.P., Hiram’s younger brother

[2] Isabella (Steele) Crawford, Pros’ wife

[3] Hiram is referring to correspondence from D.C. Crawford, his brother

[4] Henry Clay Crawford, Hiram’s brother

[5] In the early 1880s, Henry moved to Auburn, New York, where he was superintendent of the E. B. Clapp Wagon Company, but returned after two years to become superintendent of the Coquillard Wagon Works

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