January 21, 1881 letter to Sarah Keith from Hiram Crawford Jr.

January 21, 1881

To: Sarah Keith

From: Hiram Crawford Jr., Chicago, IL

Hiram writes about the levels of small pox, pneumonia and diphtheria being experienced in Chicago. Prosper and Bell had visited recently and were well. Sarah, Robert’s daughter, has left her husband and is living in Milwaukee.

1881-01-21 1881-01-21B

V.C. Turner, Pres’t.                                    H. Crawford, Treas.

North Chicago City Railway Co.

Office, 430 North Clark Street,

Chicago, Jany 21st 1881

Dear Sister

We are all about as well as usual. I have been feeling miserable for the past week but am feeling some better today. This is a very sickly winter. Small Pox, Pnumonia and Dyptheria is very prevalent. Also a disease called the Winter Cholera which seems to be universal, – take it all in all Chicago is a pretty good place to be away from the winter. L P & Bell[1] was in the other day. They were well. I presume you know that Kit[2] has left her husband[3] for home last fall and hasnt come back. I believe she is in Milwaukee working in a Photographic Establishment. She left a beautifull little home and a Husband who was devoted to her. I trust that she will keep in the narrow path. Enclosed please find four (4) doler. Love to all.

Affectionately Your Broth

H Crawford

[1] Hiram’s youngest brother and wife, Lucius Prosper and Isabella (Steele) Crawford

[2] Hiram’s brother Robert’s daughter, Katherine Sarah (Kit) Crawford

[3] Ormand Birkland


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