May 22, 1882 letter to Nancy Betts from Henry Crawford

May 22, 1882

To: Nancy Betts

From: Henry Crawford, Auburn, NY

Henry is writing his mother to learn more about the details of Mary Crawford’s death.


Auburn, N.Y.[1] May 22, 1882

Dear Mother

A few lines to you. The reason of my delay in sending you money before is that I had some obligation to meat that I could not put off. I wrote you two weeks sinse requesting you to tell me about Mary Crawford[2] death as I suppos you was thare at the furnerell. Not hearing from you I was afraid you must be sick. I hope that is not so & that this will find you well. Jinne[3], our youngest, has had the meeseles but she is getting better to day. The rest of the family all well. We have had a cold spring, every thing about one month behind time. I send you order for four doller. My love to you & all the family.

Your affectionate Son

H C Crawford

63 Clark St. ______

[1] Sometime in early 1881 Henry moved to Auburn, New York where he was superintendent of the E. B. Clapp Wagon Company, but returned to South Bend after two years to become superintendent of the Coquillard Wagon works

[2] The widow of Henry’s brother, Edwin W. Crawford. Mary (Hamilton) Crawford was his second wife

[3] Virginia W. Crawford, Henry’s youngest child


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