July 6, 1882 letter to Nancy Betts from Mary Wickersham

July 6, 1882

To: Nancy Betts

From: Mary Wickersham, Waukegan, IL

Sorry to hear Nancy is not well. They are both getting old and they have to deal with these afflictions and be thankful for what they have. Hasn’t heard from their brother Stephen. The only relatives she has are Louisa Spaulding, Jane Nelles and Nancy. Signs the letter “your lone sister.”

1882-07-06 1882-07-06B

Waukegan, Ill. July 6th /82

My dear Sister,

Your welcome letter came to me a few weeks since. I sympothise with you in your afflictions, failure of the eye and ear and pains that you have. I have my own afflictions but, Nancy, we are quite old.[1] Such things attend old age. All the aged are more or less afflicted and some not able to help themselves. Let us be thankful for the many mercies we have, asking strength equal to our day and trust in life or death. I have none but my God, all earthly sources are vanished. He is all that I need. His promises are forever, the same unchangible, the same like himself.

Have not yet heard from Br. Stephen.[2] Fear he is sick. Wish I could see him once more. I think that I wrote in my other that I had been in Chicago to visit Loiza Spaulding.[3] She visited me in the spring. She is the only one that cares for me of relatives. The Lord will bless her. I will pray to my latest breath for her. I have no other relatives but you and Jane Nelles[4] and Loiza Spaulding.[5]

The weather has been cool and much rain. Your friends here are all as well as usual and sends kind regards to you. Willy How has been sick but is better. The church it is thought by the minister to be in a good state. Hope these few lines will find you in better health than when you last wrote. Hope Sarah[6] and family are well and doing well. With love to all, yourself in perticular. Write if able soon.

Your lone sister M. W. Wickersham

[to] N. B. Betts

[1] At the writing of this letter, Mary was 77 and Nancy was a couple months short of 80

[2] Mary’s and Nancy’s brother, Stephen Comfort

[3] Louisa (Sunderlin) Spaulding was the daughter of Mary’s and Nancy’s sister, Jane (Comfort) Nelles Sunderlin

[4] Mary’s and Nancy’s sister, Jane (Comfort) Nelles Sunderlin, had a daughter Jane by her second husband, Peleg Sunderlin, and perhaps this is who Mary is referring to

[5] Obviously, as she already mentioned him, Stephen Comfort is also a relative

[6] Sarah (Crawford) Keith, Nancy’s daughter

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