Obituary for Louisa (McCann) Crawford

Louisa (McCann) Crawford died on June 8, 1883 in Omro, Wisconsin, and she is buried in the Omro Cemetery.

Crawford, Louisa - Obituary 2

Omro Weekly Journal, Page 5

Death of Mrs. Crawford
Mrs. Robert Crawford, who has been confined to the house for years, died at about one o’clock, Saturday morning. For a long time it was known that she could not recover and that in death she would only find relief from her severe suffering. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. O. W. Babcock from the family residence, on Sunday afternoon.


Crawford, Louisa - Obituary

Crawford, Louisa – Obituary

Obituary (source unknown):

Mrs. Crawford, wife of Robert Crawford, of this place, died last Friday night at about one o’clock. This estimable lady who has been a resident here for many years, and was well and favorably known, has for several years past been an invalid whose sufferings were long and protracted, though patiently borne.

Though perhaps her life has not been one of wide and varied experiences, it has been one of the character that most endeared her to her kindred and friends — a life permanently devoted to her family, and of the kind that tend to better the world and society. Her most prominent characteristics were fidelity and affection — in youth a dutiful daughter, in woman’s years a loving wife and mother. These traits make the blow fall with still greater weight upon her beloved family, notwithstanding it has been long expected.

The funeral services were held at the house Sunday afternoon at two o’clock, Rev. Babcock officiating, and were very largely attended, both from the village and country.

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  2. Luanne
    Apr 11, 2019 @ 15:53:26

    So sad to think about her suffering.



  3. Barb Triphahn
    Apr 11, 2019 @ 17:13:08

    For sure. So many ailments that now can be alleviated or cured wasn’t true for those times.



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