April 20, 1884 letter to Nancy Betts from Robert Crawford

April 20, 1884

To: Nancy Betts

From: Robert Crawford, Omro, WI

Robert reports that he has arrived home after stopping for one day in Chicago. Pros stopped the next day and they went to the stockyards and saw other sights. Got back to Kit’s and then the next day they went to Hiram’s. Ethan was there and was getting better.

Omro April 20th, 1884

Dear Mother,

I arrived at home last Friday evening having stayed but one day in Chicago. I met Mr. Birklund[1] at the Central Depot then we went to L.P.[2] that evening, stayed over night with them. Found all well. Had a good visit. Prosper stopt off next day and went out to the Stock Yards with me and then we went to see the Panorama of Gettysburg[3], a grand picture, and other sights in the city and I got back to Kitt’s[4] that night. Early next morning Kitt and I went over to Hiram’s[5] and visited til ten oclock. Had a pleasant time. Eathan[6] was there and is improving in health so Aunt Kate[7] says. I think Eathan is doing better under the treatment he is getting there than anywhere else but the weather has been very unfavourable for him in Chicago. I found my folks usually well and were pleased to hear their grandmothers health was better and their Aunt Sarah[8] and her family was well. Mother, I have not seen any of your old friends yet but will in a short time and give them your regards. I will close now with our love and regards to you, Mother and Sarah and family.

From your affectionate son

R Crawford


[1] Robert’s son-in-law, Ormand Birkland

[2] Lucius Prosper Crawford, Robert’s younger brother

[3] Visitors to the exhibit could purchase as a souvenir a small (4×6) hardcover book entitled “Panorama of the Battle of Gettysburg on Exhibition Cor. Wabash Avenue and Hubbard Court, Chicago”. It was a picture book with 9 pictures that “accordion-pleat” and when opened up show a panoramic view of Gettysburg. It was copyrighted in 1884 and was shown again in Chicago at the World’s Fairs in 1893 and 1933

[4] Katherine Sarah “Kit” (Crawford) Birkland, Robert’s daughter

[5] Hiram Crawford Jr., Robert’s brother

[6] Ethan Keith, his sister Sarah (Crawford) Keith’s eldest son

[7] Katherine (Atcheson) Crawford, Hiram’s wife

[8] Sarah (Crawford) Keith, Robert’s sister

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