September 9, 1884 letter to Sarah Keith from Mary Wickersham

September 9, 1884

To: Sarah Keith

From: Mary Wickersham, Waukegan, IL

She received Sarah’s letter of July 21 telling her of Nancy’s death. She wrote to Stephen telling him. Says her “time is next by age.”

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Ill, Waukegan Sept 9 /84

Sarah my dear Niece,

Your most welcome letter was duly received mailed the 21 of July. It touched my feelings very much for they where so like your own only I can realise that she is dead[1]. I can picture in my imagination her body lying in the grave mouldering to dust but it always looks light there in the night. I often when awake think of her. The same light appears in my mind because I know that Jesus laid in the tomb lighten and made it a resting place for the bodies of those who has believed in and excepted Him as their salvation. Her soul is safe with Him in whom she bleived and as He arose the third day and triumphed over Death, hell and the grave, so in the morning of the resurrection we are told in Gods word that all who sleep in Jesus untill the time when He will come to Judge the world in righteousness then will the trump of the arch Angle sound forth and awake the sleeping dust. The dead in Christ will rise first, their glorified bodies like unto their saviors in the twinkling of an eye. The Apostle sais body and soul shall unite and be caught up with the Lord in the air. So shall we ever be with him. What glorious thruths such causes light to shine on my pathway of lonelyness toil and sorrow buoys up my sinking spirits and enables me to look forward with antisipated hope of rest with Jesus and all the blood washed throng which John in his vision saw standing on the sea of glass who had come out of great tribulation having washed their robes and made them white in the Blood of the Lamb. These truths I meditate on by day an night when awake or I would long since been in the insane Asylum or sleeping in the grave. These thoughts make it look so light to me when I look in your Mothers grave which often do. The darkest night it is always light. I seem to see her so plain always have since her death.

Dear Niece dont think because have been slow in answering your kind letter that it was carelessness or lack of sympathy. No far from that. I am as anxious to keep up correspondence as you and will as long as able so to do. Was sick in the spring, sick spells often, over worked some times, because of age alone. None to do a chore but myself. Last winter had nine correspondence, now have five. Will drop more. The lady who lives in part of the same house with me has been sick for nine weeks. Three weeks and half since she was taken to a friends house to be nursed. For five weeks I done her work and mine and and waited on her throug the day. Now I have the care of her house, also watering her plants with my own. It is hard for me so you can see why I have not written sooner. Br S.[2] wrote to me as he said. I answered and told him of your Mothers death. Hope you are all well as usual. Write soon. I like to hear from you. It will not be long. My time is next by age. Oh I long to rest. With much love to you all.

Yours Affectionately

M W Wickersham

[to] Sarah Keith

[1] Mary is referring to her sister, Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts, who died June 4, 1884.

[2] Brother, Stephen Comfort

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