November 21, 1899 letter to Sarah Keith from Charles Eck Jr.

November 21, 1899[1]

To: Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Charles Eck Jr., Chicago, IL

Was sorry to hear that Sarah had not been feeling well and was sending some ointment.

1899-11-21 1899-11-21env

Chas. T. Eck, Jr.                                                             Residence: 181 Lincoln Ave.
717 Marshall Field Building
Chicago, ILL.

Dear Aunt “Sarah”,

Am sorry to learn from “Jim”[2] of your feeling so much worse. I trust you will forgive our long silence and in the future we will at least keep you supplied with ointment even though we may fail to write. Jessie[3] will send you a letter in a day or so. Until then accept our best wishes and love to all.

Your Neph”

Chas T. Eck Jr[4]

Use both ointments Freely, more will follow in a day or so —  Chas.


[1] Envelope is postmarked November 21, 1899

[2] James Keith, Sarah’s son

[3] Jessie (Crawford) Eck, daughter of Sarah’s brother Hiram Crawford 

[4] Charles Eck married Jessie Crawford on July 9, 1898

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