January 8, 1902 letter to James Keith from Robert Crawford

January 8, 1902

To: James Keith, Chicago, IL

From: Robert Crawford, Neenah, WI

James and his family have always had a warm place in his affections. He is going to Milwaukee and then to Shell Rock to stay with his daughters for a while. He hopes to go to Chicago in the spring and if he does he will stop in to see them. Hopes that Jim’s asthma does not bother him as much as it used to. He has a cough which he won’t get over until warm weather comes.







Neenah Jan 8″ 1902

Mr J C Keith
Chicago, Ill

Dear Nephew

I have negligent about writing to you but James you and Your Family have always had a warm place in my affections. I have always had a kind reception at your home and I appreciated it all. I Hope that you and yours are usually well. I am so far this Winter and mine as far as I know. I am going to Milwaukee in a few days to stay with the girls[1] a while and then I expect to go to Iowa to visit Lizzie[2] who lives at Shell Rock. It is splendid weather here now for Winter. Good Wheeling and time for crary lady[?]. I Wrote to your Mother[3] last week expect a letter soon. I hope they are all well. I think of coming to Chicago in the spring some time. If I do will visit you all. I hope James that your Asthma dont lay you up or hinder you from your work as much as it used to. I cough but it is a throat trouble or Grip. I wont get over it till warm weather comes and now in conclusion accept my Regards & love to you an yours and Regards to Mr Hanly.[4]


Your Uncle

Robt Crawford

I should be pleased to hear from you


[1] Daughters Cynthia (Crawford) Carlson and Lulu (Crawford) Witte

[2] Daughter Lizzie (Crawford) Smith

[3] Robert’s sister, Sarah (Crawford) Keith

[4] Perhaps he is referring to John Heiner, a good friend of James who sometimes boarded with the family


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