June 6, 1902 letter to Sarah Keith from Hiram Crawford Jr.

June 6, 1902

To: Sarah Keith

From: Hiram Crawford Jr., Chicago, IL

Hiram is writing Sarah to tell her that the letter sent mistakenly to Colorado had been forwarded to him by Amanda. Hiram has just moved to a new home at 1521 West Adams Street, which has a large back porch and good-sized yard. He has heard nothing from Prosper, but Robert expects to visit next month.

Anthracite=Bituminous Coal Co.
Miners and Dealers in Coal.
Office and Yard, 1619 1634 North Washtenaw California Avenue,
On C. & N.-W. RY.

Telephone … West 575.                                                    Chicago, June 6th, 1902

My Dear Sister

Your letter which went to Golden reached me all right. When I opened the envelope and found Amanda’s[1] letter in it, I knew what had happened. And immediately forwarded her letter and requested her to mail mine to me, but she returned it to you. Which is the woman of it.

I am glad to know that at least things are not any worse with you than usual. And would be much more so if I could know that they were better. We sent a box of chop to you this week. Dont send any money for it. We can furnish you all the chop you need without any trouble.

Charley[2] has given up the Docters and is couping(?) himself to taking “Germcide” and is gradually growing better. The maker of it says that he is perfectly confident that if he sticks to it, that it will cure him. It is the only medicine that he has ever taken that would agree with his stomach over ten days, which certainly is a good sign. He is commencing to do a little work, but not much. Has to go very slow.

We have got settled in our new abode, 1521 W. Adams Street. It is a two story flat. 1st floor, large back porch and good sized yard. We all enjoy it, particularly Marion[3], who is out much of the time. It is the first time the poor child has had a chance to be out of the house, except in the streets and she enjoys it very much. The Baby[4] is thriving and is getting to be quite interesting, although Miss Marion dont allow me to have much to do with her. I had a nice visit with Nancy[5] and Lelia[6] a couple of Sundays ago. Bess[7]and her German friend[8] was out. I think that if it wasnt for that man, Nancy would feel quite contented, but he makes life miserable for her.

Blanche[9] and family are well and happy. We dont hear anything from L.P.[10] Robert[11] writes me that he is coming to Milwaukee next month and will probaby see us a visit. Love to all.

Affectionately Your Brother

H Crawford


[1] Amanda (Thornton) Crawford, D.C. Crawford’s widow and Hiram’s sister-in-law

[2] Both of Hiram’s daughters were married to men with Charles as the first name. Jessie was married to Charles Eck who is mentioned in previous letters as being in ill health

[3] Marian Eck, the oldest daughter of Charley and Jessie (Crawford) Eck and Hiram’s granddaughter

[4] Katherine Louise Eck

[5] Nancy (Keith) Brown, Sarah’s daughter and Hiram’s niece

[6] Nancy’s daughter, Lela Brown

[7] Bess Rae Brown, Nancy’s daughter

[8] Julius Recoschewitz, Bess’s future husband

[9] Blanche (Crawford) Hessey, Hiram’s daughter

[10] Lucius Prosper Crawford, Hiram’s younger brother

[11] Robert Crawford, Hiram’s older brother


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