March 7, 1902 letter to Sarah Keith from Angelina Lacey

March 7, 1902

To: Sarah Keith

From: Angelina Lacey, Flushing, MI

Her mother died April 6, 1896 at Rattlerun, St. Clair County, Michigan. An obituary was placed in the Flushing paper and the Detroit Christian Herald. Angelina’s husband had been an invalid for years. He died August 9, 1897. She wants to know if Sarah’s brother who died was the one who was so kind to her mother.

Flushing March 7, 1902

Dear Cousin,

I was very much surprized when I got your Postal card making inquiry about my Dear Mother[1] and your Aunt. Well, she died April 6, 1896 at Rattlerun St Clair Co, Mich at my Daughter’s[2]. I got their she had been unconcious some time but came to her self and reconized me, motioned to me and pointed to her one hand that was parralized. She she new my voice and motioned to me things she wanted me to know. It was about 6 in the evening when I arrived there. She lived till the next morning, Easter morning. I got her a casket, had a sermon preached by a young man at my Daughters home from a text she had chosen herself. I brought her home with me, put her in the vault, then our minister and Friends went to the Semetry and she was buried in our family lot and we have a monument so I got a marker for her. My Husband[3] was in bed as helpless as a babe as he was for years. I had a nurse for him. I could not bring Mother to the House for fear of exciting him, but he to is no more. He died Aug 3, 97 so I am quite alone yet not alone. Alone yet not alone am I yet in the solitude to dream, I feel my Savour awlways nigh, he comes the weary hours to cheer.

I had Dear Mother obituary put in the Flushing paper[4] and also in the Detroit Christian Herald. I sent one of each to you marked but did not get an answer, intending to write you when I did. I did the same to all corresponing with Mother and the rest of our cousin. The rest answered by letter. Then I wrote the particulars but then I supposed your address that I had must be wrong and I would wate till you wrote to her but this is the first I received. You to have lost your Brother. Is it the one was so kind to my Mother?[5] Well I hope this will be satisfactory. Will be pleased to hear from you when ever it is convenient.

Your affectionate cousin

A. Lacey[6]


[1] Mary (Comfort) Wickersham, Sarah’s Aunt

[2] Alberta (Lacey) McConnell

[3] Alonzo H. Lacey

[4] From the Flushing Observer, Thursday, April 9, 1896, page 4, col. 1

The remains of Mary W. Wickershan were brought to this village Monday evening and placed in the vault until yesterday afternoon at 3 o’clock, when a short service was conducted at the grave by Rev. S. S. Clarke, and interment was made in the village cemetery. Deceased was born in Orange county, N.Y., December 14, 1804. At the time of her death, which occurred Sunday, she lived with a grand-daughter at Rattlerun. The funeral was held from her late residence Monday and the remains were brought here for burial as above stated. Mrs. Wickershan had been a member of the Baptist church for 72 years, was a devoted wife and mother, and had taken a prominent part in church work during her life. She was the mother of five children, only one of whom survive her, Mrs. A. H. Lacy, of this village. She had many friends here.

[5] Apparently this was Hiram Crawford (see July 25, 1902 letter)

[6] Angelina (Wickersham) Lacey


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