September 21, 1902 letter to Sarah Keith from Robert Crawford

September 21, 1902

To: Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Robert Crawford, Neenah, WI

Robert hopes to visit Sarah in October. He is glad to hear about Hiram’s visit with her.

Neenah Sept 21″ 1902

Dear Sister Sarah

Your kind letter was recd yesterday and I was pleased to hear from you. I am sorry to hear of your afflictions My Dear Sister but we have to put up with Our Troubles in this life and it is hard to bear with them some times. We are all usually well. I recd a letter from Hiram[1] after his visit to your home. He said that he had a great visit. I am glad that Hiram could get away from his business. I dont know when I can come to see you Sister, but the first of Oct some time. Business matters have delayed me. I think that I will come by Port Huron if the weather is favorable and then return by way of Chicago. It will depend on rates some. I am glad that Hannah[2] can get away and go to Chicago. It will be some rest for her.

Regards & love to you & yours.

Your Brother

Robt Crawford


[1] Hiram Crawford Jr., the younger brother of Robert and Sarah

[2] Hannah (Keith) Towne, Sarah’s daughter


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