October 9, 1902 letter to Sarah Keith from Angelina Lacey

October 9, 1902

To: Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Angelina Lacey, Flushing, MI

Angelina was 64 last March 9. She went to Toronto last summer and saw Dr. Andrew Comfort and his wife. He is about 81. Dr. John is not well. Nancy keeps his house and Hannah stays with them in the winters. She remembers when Sarah and Aunt Nancy came to visit when she was very young and her mother lived at Grimsby.

Flushing, Oct. 9, 1902

Dear Cousin,

Yours of Sept 5 is before me. I will be pleased to correspond with you as long as we both live. It is very lonley. Know one knows how lonley it is but there is no way at presant I would like to board in the winter. My coal, I burn hard coal, would pay my board but it is not easy to get a place where they have a furnace to heat the House. My house is not built for a families nor is it easy to have it fixed over. It is not in the rite shape and I might not get those that would be agreeable. If I was near you and you had a room I would be glad to come and board with you and shut up my home. I was 64 last March the 9. They say I look like Mother.[1] I weigh 164 lbs. I went to Toronto on an excursion this summer. I seen Dr. Andrew Comfort[2] and wife.[3] He is about 81, has been smart till a few month ago. He had a sick spell. I do not think he will recover.[4] Dr John[5] is not very well. Nancy[6] keeps house for him and Hannah[7] stays with them winters. My daughter[8] has very poor health so has her husbband.[9] They own a farm about 100 miles from me, but it is not home for me. (They) have a daughter[10], the oldest 18 years but I love my own home and enjoy it. Am happy but lonley, sometimes am more so there. I can walk out here and go to church or a lecture or make a call, have conveniences they have not on the farm. My Daughter is not the best disposition. I am as close as I like to be. She is like his People and married against my will and wish they never get a head in life but are always behind it. Is sad for me that it is so. My son[11] had a kind good disposition. As people have said was in love with his mother. He was ingaged to a young lady and she seems like my daughter. Often comes and takes tea with me and goes to church with me. She is the Organist. I have a very nice home. I remember seeing you and Aunt Nancy[12] when I was very young when Mother lived at Grimsby.[13] I had the ear Ach and ma roasted onion and a ladies came. You was taller than Aunt and a little lame. Mabe you will remember. It is very kind of you writing to me when it is so difficult for you to see and I will be pleased to hear from you at any time.[14]

Lovingly your cousin

Angelina Lacey

What is the address of your brother Hiram[15]

[1] Mary (Comfort) Wickersham, the younger sister of Sarah’s mother, Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[2] Dr. William Andrew Comfort was the eldest son of Francis and Jemima (Wilcox) Comfort. Francis was an older brother of Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[3] Julia (Strickland) Comfort

[4] In fact Andrew Comfort lived until December 20, 1905

[5] John Harris Comfort, second son of Francis and Jemima (Wilcox) Comfort.

[6] Nancy Comfort, youngest daughter of Francis and Jemima (Wilcox) Comfort

[7] Hannah Marie Comfort, daughter of Francis and Jemima (Wilcox) Comfort

[8] Alberta (Lacey) McConnell

[9] James McConnell

[10] Angelina McConnell

[11] Orville Lacey; he died December 23, 1890 at the age of 26

[12] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[13] Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

[14] Sarah Keith died a month later on November 18, 1902

[15] Hiram Crawford Jr., Sarah’s brother


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