June 12, 1910 postcard to Nancy Keith from Minnie Crawford

June 12, 1910

 To: Nancy Brown, Galesburg, MI[1]

 From: Minnie Crawford, Shelbyville, MI

 Postcard with update on travel plans. 


Tuesday June 12, 1910

 Dear Cousins All

I am here on the farm. I dont know how long I will stay but you may write me here. Send to J. J. Ritter and I will get it. Had a nice time at Lou’s[2] and Jims.[3] Promised to go back with Ruth.[4] Hope Hannah[5] is still improving. Love to all.


 Minnie Crawford[6]

[1] The postcard was addressed to Nancy in care of her brother Ethan, who she was visiting

[2] Nancy’s sister, Louese (Keith) Harris

[3] Nancy’s brother, James Keith

[4] Believe this is referring to Minnie’s daughter, Ruth Crawford, who was about 15 years old

[5] Nancy’s sister, Hannah (Keith) Towne

[6] Minnie was married to Nancy’s cousin, Eugene Crawford


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