October 19, 1920 letter to Nancy Brown from Lela Mueller

October 19, 1920[1]

To: Nancy Brown

From: Lela Mueller

Writes about Jean telling them she was the smartest one in class but the teacher “doesn’t know it.” Also sent some of Helen’s school papers and wrote about how they learn to read. Lou made root beer. June was still there and will stay until Aunt Lizzie is sent for.


Tues. Eve.

Dear Mamma,

Yours received to-day. I’ve just made Helen[2] a dress out of Edie’s[3] old green cloth coat – a slip over – it measure 26 in from shoulder seam – but if you’re making a wash dress I dont think 28″ would be too long – and 26 for Jean,[4] but maybe you better not stitch the hem in till you get home.[5]

To night at dinner Jean says “Daddy do you know who is the smartest one in my room?” Lou says “no, who is?” She says “I am.” Lou says “Did the teacher say so?” Jean says “No, she doesnt know it?”

I’m sending the papers Helen brought home from school. They learn to read by the sound and family – The “at” family

at                   in
cat etc           pin
bat                 tin etc
pat                 sin

the the sounds – as sh – wh ch etc. I wish you would save these sheets.

I wrote to Aunt Kate[6] and told her to come over here a few days next week. Jessie[7] was at Bessies[8] again yesterday for lunch, said she expected her mother almost any day.

Lou[9] has been making root beer to-night. Now he is up in the attic working. Seems to feel pretty good.

June[10] is still here. Will stay until Aunt Lizzie[11] is sent for. Ruth[12] sent me a very pretty umbrella to-day.

I’m going down town to-morrow to get underwear for Helen & Jean. Must get busy. Mrs Richee isnt coming till Friday.

Lots of love



[1] While there is no date on this letter, Lela writes that “June is still here. Will stay until Aunt Lizzie is sent for” which most likely pertains to the birth of June’s half-sister, Doris, who was born on November 3, 1920; see also November 2, 1920 letter which also mentions June staying with Lela

[2] Lela’s daughter, Helen Mueller

[3] Edith (Neumaier) Brown, the wife of Lela’s brother, Claude Brown

[4] Lela’s daughter, Eda “Jean” Mueller

[5] Nancy was living with Lela and Lou, but was visiting her sister and brother, Hannah (Keith) Towne and Ethan Keith, in Galesburg, Michigan

[6] Katherine (Atcheson) Crawford, the wife of Hiram Crawford Jr., Nancy’s uncle

[7] Jessie (Crawford) Eck, Kate’s daughter

[8] Lela’s sister, Bess (Brown) Recoschewitz

[9] Lela’s husband, Louis Mueller

[10] June Brown, granddaughter of Elizabeth and Willis Brown

[11] Elizabeth (Ogden) Brown, wife of Willis Brown, who was the brother of Nancy’s husband, Henry Brown

[12] Ruth (Brown) Kroscher, Elizabeth and Willis Brown’s daughter

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