August 30, 1921 letter to Lela Mueller from Kate Crawford

August 30, 1921

To: Lela Mueller

From: Kate Crawford, Lake Mills, WI

Kate describes her arrival at Lake Mills, Wisconsin. She will have some fixing up to do to make the cottage home-like.

Lake Mills Wis

Aug 30th 1921

Dear Lela

I am feeling quite punk this morning, not haveing a good nights rest. I awoke at 2 A.M. & did not drop off again until about 5. We boarded the train at Wilson. Waukegan & Evanston cars were crowded to suffocation, but the Mil train was very comfortable. Stayed there 2 intervening hours. Checked baggage & went out to view the landscape o’er. Went in to a joint near the Depot & got a good cup of coffee and lunch. Reached L.M.’s[1] at 830. Lady waiting for us, had something to eat & retired early – as we were reasonably tired – as the Bus stopped. Mrs Willey (at whose home we are stopping) came from one side of the road and Mrs Meyers from the other and gave us a hearty greeting. I went up to the Lake yesterday to see about my nice box truck, found they had come all O.K. & Mr Leroy had had them brought to his home. The inmates of the cottage go to morrow and we will go down in the evening. We are staying with a lovely old lady who would give me any thing she had, I think, and is worried all of the time for fear I am not as comfortable as she would wish. Well it is certainly refreshing to find people kind to you. We will have some fixing up to do to make the cottage home like. They do not seem to care about the things as I like them and not haveing brought any thing to fix up with as I always did, we will have to do the best we can. My friends here will help me as best they can. I hope this finds you all well. I have not heard from 1429, only my storage receipt and a letter from your mother[2] enclosed. I wrote to H-[3] this morning. Perhaps I will hear & perhaps not. Well, all right, my concience does not upbraid me.

Now I will close & as soon as I can procure stamps will send .63cts to you .30cts borrowed and 33cts on D. Beef & oh, yes 11cts for sending, am I right? If not, dont fail to tell me. Love to all, Bessie[4] & family.

Yours as ever

Aunt Kate

How I would love to have a word from you if you can find time.

[1] Lake Mills, Wisconsin

[2] Nancy (Keith) Brown

[3] Kate’s son, Harry Crawford

[4] Bess (Brown) Recoschewitz, Lela’s sister


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