Updates & Corrections

The more letters we transcribe, the more we learn about the many people mentioned in the letters and changes have to be made. Here are some of the additions, updates and/or corrections we have come across. Additions are in red.

January 1856 letter to Luke Keith from D.C. Crawford – click here

May 23, 1856 letter to Sarah Keith from Nancy Crawford – click here

February 22, 1859 letter to Luke Keith from D.C. Crawford – click here

January 1861 letter to Sarah Keith from Nancy Betts – click here

April 1, 1863 letter to Luke & Sarah Keith from Jeff Chaffee – click here

September 27, 1863 letter to Sarah Keith from Hiram Crawford  – click here

June 3, 1864 letter to Sarah Keith from Nancy Betts – click here

January 19, 1868 letter to Sarah Keith from Henry Crawford – click here

April 23, 1868 letter to Sarah Keith from Prosper Crawford – click here

Another Letter

I just posted a letter written by Benjamin Hamilton dated September 11, 1826. You can read it here.

Corrections and/or Additions

Footnote #12 was added to the February 13, 1874 letter as follows:

[12] The 1860 Atlas shows the McConnell family living next to Edwin Crawford and both Mary McConnell and Franklin McConnell are listed in the 1860 Census in Dowagiac, Michigan. Further research shows that Franklin McConnell married Elizabeth Barnett on June 23, 1872; however, when Mary died or which daughter she lived with (S Helen or Amy) after Frank turned her out is unknown at this time.

Footnote #9 was added to the March 23, 1877 letter as follows:

[9] D.C. was the first Auditor of the newly formed State of Colorado. His picture now hangs in the State Capitol building

Correction to May 23, 1856 letter

The following note was added to the bottom of the letter and refers to Footnote #6 and the letter can be read here:

According to the obituary for Alice Crawford, “she was the last surviving member of a family of three children.” This confirms that Rollin was born in 1857/58 and that there was another boy born to James and Ann around 1855 and that that boy died before Ann did in 1858.

Another Letter

One of the letters we originally transcribed had a date of September 23, 1878. While reviewing this letter before posting it, it was noted that D.C. mentioned he was running for the office of auditor, yet in his letter of March 23, 1877 he wrote of his having been elected. Research shows that the election was October 3, 1876. In order to keep the letters in chronological order I am adding it to the bottom of the September 7, 1876 letter, which you can read by clicking on this link: