Hiram & Nancy Crawford’s Children

Hiram and Nancy had eleven children, all boys except for their oldest and youngest, which were girls. The youngest daughter, whose name is believed to be Nancy, died in childhood, as did two boys whose names are believed to be Walter and Francis. The rest of Hiram’s and Nancy’s children are as follows:

SARAH CRAWFORD was born December 26, 1821 in Beamsville, Ontario, Canada. On November 14, 1849 she married Charles Luke Keith Jr. in Comstock, Michigan. She died November 18, 1902 in Comstock and is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Galesburg, Michigan. She and Luke had the following children: Ethan, Nancy, William (died in infancy), Hannah, Louese and James. She also raised Luke’s two children by his first wife, Minerva Payson: Lois and Henry Keith.

EDWIN CRAWFORD was born May 23, 1825 in Beamsville, Ontario Canada. On January 9, 1848 he married Louisa Hall in Kalamazoo, Michigan. They had a son, Eugene Crawford. He then married Mary Hamilton on January 6, 1854 in Dowagiac, Michigan. They had two children: Edna Alice and Emmet Patrick Crawford. Edwin died October 4, 1866 in Burlington, Iowa.

ROBERT CRAWFORD was born February 23, 1826 in Beamsville, Ontario, Canada. He married Louisa McCann and they had the following children: William, Edna, Katherine, Melissa, baby girl who died in childhood, Cynthia and Lulu Crawford. Robert died April 13, 1903 in Neenah, Wisconsin, and is buried in Omro Cemetery, Omro, Wisconsin.

JAMES CRAWFORD was born about 1828 in London, Ontario, Canada. On April 28, 1852 he married Ann Rogers and they had two children: Alice and Rollin Crawford. James died December 15, 1858 in Wisconsin.

HENRY CLAY CRAWFORD was born April 12, 1833 in London, Ontario, Canada. On January 4, 1855 he married Virginia Worley in South Bend, Indiana. He died March 10, 1925 in South Bend, Indiana and is buried in Highland Cemetery in South Bend. He and Virginia had the following children: John Henry, Robert Clem, baby boy who died in childhood, Clara, Lillian, Emma, George and Virginia.

DAVID CALEB (D.C.) CRAWFORD was born September 5, 1835 in London, Ontario, Canada. On December 21, 1870 he married Amanda Jane Thornton in Golden, Colorado. He died May 2, 1901 in Denver Colorado and is buried in Riverside Cemetery in Denver. He and Amanda had the following children: Ida, Allie (who died in childhood), Mamie and Harold Valentine.

HIRAM CRAWFORD JR. was born December 26, 1837 in London, Ontario, Canada. He married Katherine Atchinson in 1867 and they had three children: Harry, Jessie and Blanche Crawford. Hiram died in Chicago, Illinois, on November 29, 1920 and is buried in Rosehill Cemetery in Chicago.

LUCIUS PROSPER (PROS) CRAWFORD was born March 8, 1843 in Canada. in 1872 he married Isabella Steele and they had four boys: Leo, Byron, Ernest and Albert Crawford. Pros and Isabella divorced and Pros married Laura Hands on September 30, 1901 in Tacoma, Washington. Pros died May 4, 1920 in Berkeley, California.


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