November 13, 1870 letter to Nancy Betts from Alice Crawford

November 13, 1870

To:  Nancy Betts

From: Alice Crawford, Glen Haven, WI

Hasn’t heard from her grandmother in quite a while. Inquires into the whereabouts of Uncle Robert and his family. Grandpa’s health is very poor most of the time. Aunt Kitty has another little girl named Flora. She received a letter from Aunt Harriet a few days ago, who is well and likes Iowa very well. Rolla sends his love. He says he will write when he thinks he can write well enough.

Scan of 1870-11-13 Alice Crawford to Nancy Betts

Glen Haven    Nov 13, 1870

Dear Grandmother

I have not heard from you in quite a while so I thought I would write to you to let you know that I am well and hope you are the same. Is Cousin Nancy[1] any better? I have not written to her yet. I did not like to write when she was so sick. I will when I hear from her again. How is Uncle Robert[2] and his family now? It is snowing here a little to day for the first time this fall. I think of going to school again this winter. Rolla[3] is going also. School will commence in two weeks and I must be ready. We have had splendid weather here all the fall. Grandpas[4] health is very poor most of the time. My Aunt Kitty[5] has annother little girl. She has named it Flora. She has only two children. It seems so nice to have her here. I wish you could come and see us. I received a letter from Aunt Harriet[6] a few days ago. She is well and likes Iowa very well.

I have not bought any postage stamps with the money you sent me. I have kept it because you sent it to me. Send me a piece of one of your dresses in your next letter. I am a going to send you apiece of one of mine in this letter. Thank you for sending me cosins Nancys address. Well I must stop writing for this time it is getting late. My little cousin Carrie[7] who is watching me write wants me to send my Grandma her love too. Rolla says give you his love. He says he will write to you when he thinks he can write well enough.

Accept my love also and write as soon as you get this for I would like to know how you are.

Good bye from your granddaughter

Alice N Crawford


[1] Nancy Betts’ granddaughter, Nancy Keith

[2] Nancy Betts’ son, Robert Crawford

[3] Alice’s younger brother, Rollin Crawford

[4] After the death of their parents, James and Ann (Rogers) Crawford, Alice and Rollin lived with their maternal grandparents, Thomas and Mariah (Brown) Rogers

[5] Her mother’s sister, Amanda (Rogers) Braithwaite. At the writing of the letter, Amanda and her husband, George Braithwaite, had a son, Charles, and Florence

[6] Her mother’s sister, Harriet (Rogers) Shutt

[7] Daughter of her mother’s brother, George Rogers