February 22, 1859 letter to Luke Keith from D.C. Crawford

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February 22, 1859                

To: Charles Luke Keith Jr., Galesburg, MI              

From: David (D.C.) Crawford, LaCrosse, WI

Describes where he lives in LaCrosse by the Mississippi River. Received a letter from Robert who spoke of James’ death and also his wife’s death and that there might have been something wrong in regard to him dying so suddenly. Received a letter from Platt Betts. Mentions Stanley Crawford.

Scan of 1859-02-22 D C Crawford to Luke Keith

La Crosse Feb 22nd 1859

Mr C L Keith

Galesburgh Michigan

Dear Sir

In answer to your last letter I would say in asmuch as you described to me your wherebouts it would be no more than fare for me to give you a little information on that point but there would be no danger if you should wish to come and see me because the trees are all spotted on or along the Old Territorial Road. We live in Wis near La Crosse on the pleasant Banks of the Raging Missippi the “Father of Waters.” We have a Flourshing and Enterprising R Road making their regular trips Daily between Milwaukee and La Crosse the (La Crosse and Milwaukee R Road) which makes a vast difference here in the Winter season I assure you. The toot of the Iron Horse or Whistle sounds good up in this County you had better believe only a few years ago hardly dreamt of. You say there is no sleighing their quite the contrary here. We have had a very pleasant and gay Winter this way. I re’d a letter from Robert[1] stating that sleighing was good in the Pinery and he was doing well. He spoke of James[2] and of His Death[3] and also His Wifes[4] and as though that there might have been something wrong in regard to Him dying so suddenly. It seems to be rather lamentable fact to realize a near kindred Blood a beloved Brother folded in the arms of Death so near us and none to say a kind word or smooth His Dying pillow. I was expecting to pay them a visit this comeing season.

I re’ed a letter from the Rev. Mr. Betts[5] the other Day for the first time. I should judge that He was and odd Old chap (allow me). He invites me to come and see them which I should like to do very much and shall soon probably.

Stanley[6] said that He called on you but did not stay but a few moments. He said that He was used well and was much pleased.

Please ask Sarah[7] if She knows or Lois[8] (Miss Sarah Hall). If so please inform Her that Stanley Crawford wishes to be remembered to Her. Stanley says He saw more pretty Girls in Galesburgh and vicinity then He has seen in this Country for a long time that is when He was Home this last time. Tell Sarah if She does not write me I will think she has forgotten me. My love to all.

Yours truly David [to] C L Keith

Write Soon again please


[1] Brother, Robert Crawford

[2] Brother, James Crawford

[3] An entry in Luke’s dairy shows that James died December 15, 1858

[4] James’ wife, Ann (Rogers) Crawford, who died October 26, 1858

[5] Stepfather, Platt Betts

[6] Stanley Crawford. At this stage his relationship to David is unknown Believe this to be George Stanley, who operated a jewelry store with David “D.C.” Crawford under the name Stanley & Crawford from approximately 1856/1857 to 1860

[7] Sarah Keith, Luke’s wife and David’s sister

[8] Luke’s daughter, Lois Keith, who was his daughter by his first wife, Minerva Payson