January 1, 1862 letter to Sarah Keith from Robert Crawford

January 1, 1862

To: Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Robert Crawford, Omro, WI

Tells Sarah about the death of their stepfather, Platt Betts, from heart disease.

1862-01-01 1862-01-01B 1862-01-01env

Omro   Jan. 1” 1862

Dear Sister

It is with feelings of sincere regret that I announce to you, the Death of Our Venerable Step-Father Elder Betts[1]. He died last Sunday morning of the Heart Disease or Appoplexy[2]. The circumstance is as follows. He went to Bed the Night previous not feeling very well and remarked to Mother[3] that he had some Pain in his Stomach. Along in the night he got up and took some Camphor, went to Bed again and thought perhaps he would feel better. Mother did not feel very well herself that night and was up occasionally. Mother askt him if she had not better call Pros[4], and build up a fire. He said not that perhaps he would feel easier soon. By this time it was getting along towards morning. He complained of being cold and wanted Mother to lay up close to him to get him warm. Mother fell asleep as it were and when she awoke she heard him give two or three long breaths. She called to him him. He did not answer, sprung out of bed and called Pros. He lit a lamp and went to the bed. He gave one gasp and was no more.

Dear Sister you can imagine Mothers feelings. She almost went crazy no one there but her and Pros. I was up in the Pinery with my Family at the time. I came down and attended the Funeral. Father Betts left a Will bequeathing to Mother the use of the Property as long as she lived and then five hundred Dollars to his Grand Daughter[5]. I was out to Mothers to day she is quite well but very lonesome. Pros was going to school here but he has taken his books to Mothers and going to stay with her.

I shall write to Edwin[6] this evening and request him to inform Henry[7].

Myself and Louise[8] and the children[9] are all well. Give my respects to Brother Luke[10] and love to you all. Write to Mother and us soon.

From your affectionate Br

R Crawford

[1] Platt Betts

[2] Paralysis due to stroke

[3] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[4] Brother, Lucius Prosper Crawford

[5] Maria Park. It also appears that Platt Betts had at least one other granddaughter (see 3-6-1862 letter)

[6] Brother, Edwin Crawford

[7] Brother, Henry Crawford

[8] Robert’s wife, Louise (McCann) Crawford

[9] William, Edna and Catherine Crawford

[10] Sarah’s husband, Charles Luke Keith Jr.

February 16, 1858 letter to Sarah Keith from Nancy Crawford Betts

February 16, 1858 

To: Sarah Keith

From: Nancy Crawford Betts, Omro, WI

Talks about her home which she shares with her new husband, Elder Platt Betts, and his granddaughter, Maria Park.

1858-02-16 1858-02-16B

Omro February 16th, 1858

Dear Sarah

Som time has relaps sence I have written to you but now I seat my self, pen in hand to let you know how I am gitting along. My health is verry good at present and has been all the winter. Your letter com to hand three weeks ago and I was glad to hear from you and that your self and family whear all well. Robert[1] & his wife and child[2] & the boys[3] are all well. The Methodist are holding a protracted meeting at our school hous, and are gitting up quite an excitement. What it will amount too time & eternity will disclose.

I am much pleased with my home and feel contented. I have a kind companion[4] and one that trise to make home plesent. My family is smol. It consist of three, his granddaughter, a plesent young lady about twenty. Her name is Maria Park. We live about four miles from Omro Village. Our farm is located in a plesant farming community. Our hous is rather small for two families but we mak out to get along comfortable thus far.

The Baptist Church in Omro are prospering. We are favoured with the gifts of Elder E. Thomas. We should be much grattified to have a visit from you [the letter is torn at this point]

The Elder joines with me in sending our love and respects to you and Luke[5] and the children and all inquireing friends.

This is from your mother to her daughter Sarah C Keith

Nancy B Betts

PS if money was plenty we would come and see you but necessity compels us to stay at home for the presant soo write often. Yours truely.

[1] Robert Crawford, Nancy’s son

[2] Louisa (McCann) Crawford and William Edwin Crawford

[3] Believe she is referring to Prosper and Eugene. As of 1-3-1857 both boys were living with her, but it would appear that since her recent marriage (see next paragraph) the two boys are living with Robert

[4] Nancy’s new husband, Elder Platt Betts. They were married November 8, 1857

[5] Charles Luke Keith Jr., Sarah’s husband