February 11, 1875 letter to Sarah Keith from Nancy Betts

February 11, 1875

To:  Sarah Keith

From: Nancy Betts, Omro, WI

Had a great snowstorm last week. The snow drifted ten feet in Oshkosh and they sent to Ripon for the snowplow and engine. It piled four or five feet high on the porch. It has been real Canada weather. Robert is in the woods and will be till next month. Louisa was in last evening; her health is not very good. Prosper wrote last month that they were all well. His wife and children are with him. He has rented a room or two from an old farmer. His work is scaling logs. Eugene is working on the streetcars. He doesn’t like it very much. Says he will leave as soon as he can get another job.

1875-02-11 1875-02-11B 1875-02-11C 1875-02-11D

Omro Feb the 11 1875

My Dear Daughter

I received your kind and wellcom letter this week a Tuesday and was glad to hear from you all and from Nancy[1]. I am glad that Nancy has got a long with her trobles so far. I hope she will git up well and have good health and her babe[2] may live and be well and healthy. We have had a grate snow storm last week. The snow drifted in som places they say ten feet in Oshkosh. They sent to Rippen for the snow plow and Engin to drive through. It pild on our Porch four or five feet high. It has ben extrem cold wether. It was real Canada wether. Last week I was very un well. I had caught a very hard cold. It seand to me that I never had such a hard cold before but through the goodness of kind Providence I am giting better of it. I was so un well and had to get up in the mornings and build my firs. I thought som times I could not stand it. Robert[3] is in the woods yet and will be till next month some time. Lousea[4] was in last eveing (her health is not very good) to let me know that she had received letter from Robert. He and his son Wille was well. He has so large Camp of men it makes him so much cair it make him feal some times that he would like to get out of it.  I havent heard from Prosper[5] sence last month. He wrote me a letter then and I answers it. They were all well. He has his wife and children[6] withe him. He has hired a room or two of a old farmer. They took a knoff things to do while they stay. His work is a scailing logs. They expect to be at there home next month. I dont remember the name of the place where he is at work. I look for his letter but could not find it. I havent hear from Hiram[7] this month. Hiram wrote to me last month that Kitt[8] had furs that her brother had sent to his granmother. She would like to send them to me if I would have them so I wrote to him and told him I would received and thank her to so they have and I have receive them. They com by exspress. They are nice furs. They are all well. Eugene[9] is on the street cars. He dont like it, the bissness, very much. He sais he will leave as soon as he can get a nother place.  He sais he dont get time to write. You write a good letter to him and tell him to be carrful of him self and advise not to go far a way. I am afrade he has lost all he has put in the firm. And dont say any thing to any one about it but your own famly. I feal sorra for he has no Fathe nor Mother[10] to go to. Direct the same as Hirams, 430 North Clark St. I received a letter from your Aunt Jimia Comfort[11]. Thay was all well as useal but brother[12] head trobles him very much. I havent room to tell you the perticulars. I wish Ethen[13] could come out here and maby his health would be better. We all like to see him.

I thank you for your likeness. I think it is a good likeness of you. It looks jest like you. My love to your self and famly. Write soon a gain. If I could see you I could tell you a goodeal.

From you Mother N B Betts

I dont expect that I can go to mishigan but if the boys would all put in thear visits I mite go but I dont know as they will but if you can com I wish you would.



[1] Sarah’s daughter, Nancy (Keith) Brown

[2] Claude Keith Brown who was born January 23, 1875. Nancy had twin boys on May 30, 1873; one was stillborn and the other only lived two hours

[3] Nancy’s son, Robert Crawford

[4] Robert’s wife, Louisa (McCann) Crawford

[5] Nancy’s youngest son, Lucius Prosper Crawford

[6] Isabella (Steele) Crawford and their two sons, Leo and Byron

[7] Nancy’s son, Hiram Crawford Jr.

[8] Hiram’s wife, Katherine (Atcheson) Crawford

[9] Nancy’s grandson, Eugene Crawford

[10] His mother, Louisa (Hall) died sometime before 1854 and his father, Edwin Crawford, died in 1866

[11] Jemima (Wilcox) Comfort; wife of Nancy’s brother Francis Comfort

[12] Francis Comfort (see also Nancy’s letter of March 18, 1872, which also mentions Frank’s head pain)

[13] Sarah’s son, Ethan Keith

December 2, 1867 letter to Sarah Keith from Nancy Betts

December 2, 1867

To: Sarah Keith

From: Nancy Betts, Omro, WI

Prosper has gone to Chicago to find work. Hiram wrote him that he would find Prosper work if he could come there. If Prosper finds work, he will stay in Chicago until spring. Robert has been in Green Bay with Mr. MacArther hunting pine forests for Mr. Wilson of Chicago. They expected to be gone all winter but MacArther lost his wife and wrote to Mr. Wilson that he could not tend to the business any more. Robert has returned home again and has no work. Louisa wants Robert to hire out to someone who is going to the woods and she will go with him and hire as a cook. She thinks it would be a great saving for them. If Robert goes to the woods, Nancy will be all alone except that Willie will stay with her. Received a letter from Hiram a few days ago. He said they were living in a small three-room cottage. Received a letter from David last week and had heard about Henry from Hiram.

1867-12-02 1867-12-02D 1867-12-02C 1867-12-02B

Omro Decem 2th 1867

Dear Sarah Keith,

I take my pen in hand to write you a few lines. It has ben some time sence I heard from you. I did not know but you may be sick. My health is quite good a gain. Prosper[1] is gon to Chicago. He thinks of getting in to som kind of bissness. Hiram[2] wrote to him that he would get him in som kind of work if he would com out theare. So he started last Satter day moring twenty minets to six on the cars[3]. If he liks it whatever bissness he is in he will stay till spring. I some think he will be Conductor on the street car. Robert[4] has ben out to Green bay with Mr Maccarther to hunt pine land for Mr Wilson of Chicago. They was gon four weekes and then returnd home. Robert expected to begon all the winter and make a good job of it. He had a bout four dollors a day. Robert whent back again and Maccarther lost his wife sence and he wrote to Mr Wilson that [he] could not tend to the bissness any more. So he is home gain and has nothing to do. She, Louesa[5] wanted Rob to hier out to som one tho is going to the woods and she would go with him and hiare for cook. She think it would be a grate saveing for them I feal hart sorro for him. It seams that his calcalation all fail. He has loss most all of his labor the last year. I received a letter from Hiram a few days ago. He and wife was well. He said they were a keping hous now in a small cottage a bout three rooms. I think he said he wrote to you and have not received a answer yet. I received one from David[6] last week a monday. He was well and injoying good health. He said if he had staid out here in som parts here and tended to his bissness, he would ben better of then he is now but he is not discourage yet if he can keep good health. If Roberts folk goes to the woods I will be all alone exsept Wille[7] will stay with me. Omro is still improveing. Theare is buillding a going up most all the wile. The Cathlicks has built a nise looking meeting hous up by Charls Bushnales, Luke[8] knows were he lives. The Baptist is a makeing improvements on theare hous, makeing it larger and raise it up three feet higher. It will look a grate eal better for it. I heard Henry[9] by the way of Hiram. He said he see Henry in Chicago. They whare all well but Jenne[10] and she had her old complaint. I don’t know what it is. I must close for I have made cuch work of it I dont know as you can read it. My love to you all. I wanto see you all very much. Kiss the littel children for me. Tell them that granma would be glad to see them. Write soon. I am anxous to hear from you. This is from your Mother.

Nancy B Betts

[to] Sarah C Keith

[1] Lucius Prosper Crawford, Nancy’s youngest son

[2] Hiram Crawford Jr., Nancy’s son

[3] The train

[4] Robert Crawford, Nancy’s son

[5] Louisa (McCann) Crawford, Robert’s wife

[6] David Caleb (D.C.) Crawford

[7] William Crawford, Robert Crawford’s oldest child, and Nancy’s grandson

[8] Charles Luke Keith Jr., Sarah’s husband

[9] Henry Clay Crawford, Nancy’s son

[10] Virginia (Worley) Crawford, Henry’s wife

September 23, 1864 letter to Sarah Keith from Luke Keith

September 23, 1864 

To: Sarah Keith  

From: Charles Luke Keith Jr., Omro, WI

Luke will probably leave Omro some time next week for the south part of the state. Would like to hear from Sarah before he leaves so that in case something should happen that requires him home, he will leave immediately. Luke has a few more bed bottoms he would like to sell before returning home. Robert thinks of going to Minnesota this fall. If he does he will go in a few weeks. Doesn’t know whether Robert plans to pay his mother this fall or not. If Luke goes over there they may say something about it but he will not unless they do. Wants to know what sent Pros back to Dowagiac.

1864-09-23 1864-09-23B 1864-09-23C 1864-09-23D

Omro Friday Sept 23” 1864


I received yours of 21st this morning. Was very glad to hear from you. I would like to been home yesterday first rate. I have not been well for a week past. Did not set up much. Am feeling some better to day. Calculated to went to Berlin yesterday. Had to give it up. Shall go monday if I feel well. I guess I shall go over to Rices this afternoon if it dont rain. If I keep well I shall probably leave Omro some time next week for the south part of the state. Dont know where I shall stop yet. I will let you know if I stop long enough to get a letter from you. Perhaps if you write as soon as you get this it would get here before I leave. I shall stay in Berlin two or three days. It will depend something on my sucsess there. I should like to hear from you before I leave here so if any thing should happen that you should want me to come home I could come right from here. I have a few more bottoms[1] I should like to dispose of before I go home. I should like to go home as well as you would like to have me I guess. This has been a long summer to me. I have seen lots of sundays & long ones at that. If I could been well all the while I should got a long better. I was feeling first rate when I left the bay. I took a hard cold about a week a go. Have not been well since. Got a boil on the side of my nose. I think that effects my head some. I know it does one eye. I cant see near as well out of my right eye as I could before. It has broke and I think it will be better now.

I have not written to Mr Blackburn yet. I have been dodging round so much lately. I think if I could get home a while I should feel better. It is hard times to travel it costs you cant ask a question short of five or ten cents. Crops came in so light here and the farmers have so much bounty money to raise. The most of them think they must try and get along with their old beds. They all like them. Say if it was better times they would have one or two any way I find once and a while one that dont say any thing about the times but take one some times two. I saw a man on the cars that lives in Wolworth County. Said he thought they would go first rate down there. Thinks I could sell some territory. Says they are in for speculation down there. Dont know as I shall go there this time.

Do you hear or see any thing of Brad? I dont. Has Phil Cory got back yet? There is considerable sickness here this fall among children dipthera and dysentary some grown people. I think Omro is rather a sickly place any way. Robert[2] thinks of going to Minnesota this fall. If he does he will go in a few weeks. He has not seen Rice lately. Dont know whether he calculates to pay his mother[3] this fall or not. If I go over there they may say something about it. I should not of course unless they did. Mariah told me in the summer they should pay her up this fall. What sent Pros[4] back to Dowagiac? I dont know now how soon I shall go home before long if I can get shut of my bottoms. I dont want to carry them back home again. How my head aches.

Love to all, your self and children.

From your old gray headed man

C.L. Keith

[1] Luke sold bed bottoms, which were a form of rubberized bedsprings

[2] Robert Crawford, Sarah’s brother

[3] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[4] Lucius Prosper Crawford, Sarah’s brother

April 17, 1860 letter to Sarah Keith from Platt & Nancy Betts

April 17, 1860 

To: Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Platt & Nancy Betts, Omro, WI

Want to know if Sarah is coming for a visit. Nancy had a bad cold but took Jane’s medicine and is better. David was there for New Years. Henry wrote them a while back saying he was thinking of moving to Niles. Edwin wrote that (Henry?) had already moved. Edwin has a new son. Thanked them for the likenesses (pictures). Robert’s family returned from the woods. Aunt Mary came for a visit, then went to Robert’s. Next she’ll go to Oshkosh and then to her daughter’s in St. Louis. Rev. Betts preaches in the neighborhood every Sabbath.

1860-04-17 1860-04-17B 1860-04-17env

Omro   17 April 1860

Dear Daughter Sarah

We have ben looking for a line from you for some time, and hope you will answer this as soon as you receive it. We would like to know if you are calculating to make us a visit this spring. Our helths are as good as might be Expected. Mother[1] has ben troubled with a hard Cold this winter past but She is geting better now. She is taking Janes medicin and expects to receive benifit from it. David[2] has made us visit last new years. We had a line from Henry[3] a short time past saying he was about moving to Niles. Edwins[4] letter he stated he had moved. Edwin has an addition to his family a soon[5] they wer well when he wrote to us. Edwin See Hiram[6] at Chicago he is enjoying good helth. Roberts[7] family have returned from the woods with good helth. We thank you for those likenesses you sent us. Mother sayes they look as natulal as life. Aunt Mary[8] has made us a visit last week, she is now at Roberts visiting. She expects to stop at Oshkosh a spell and then go to her Daughters[9] in St. Lewes. The church in Omro ar prospering. I am preaching in Our Neighbourhood every Sabbath.

We send our Love & Respects to Luke[10] and you and all the Children

P Betts N B Betts

NB give my love and respects to all my old frinds and Louis[11] also

N B B[12]

[1] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[2] Sarah’s brother, David (D.C.) Crawford

[3] Sarah’s brother, Henry Crawford

[4] Sarah’s brother, Edwin Crawford

[5] Probably Emmett Crawford

[6] Sarah’s brother, Hiram Crawford Jr.

[7] Sarah’s brother, Robert Crawford

[8] Nancy’s sister, Mary (Comfort) Wickersham

[9] Angeline (Wickersham) Lacey

[10] Sarah’s husband, Charles Luke Keith, Jr.

[11] Sarah’s stepdaughter, Lois Keith

[12] The letter itself was written by Platt Betts, but the last sentence is in Nancy Betts’ handwriting

February 16, 1858 letter to Sarah Keith from Nancy Crawford Betts

February 16, 1858 

To: Sarah Keith

From: Nancy Crawford Betts, Omro, WI

Talks about her home which she shares with her new husband, Elder Platt Betts, and his granddaughter, Maria Park.

1858-02-16 1858-02-16B

Omro February 16th, 1858

Dear Sarah

Som time has relaps sence I have written to you but now I seat my self, pen in hand to let you know how I am gitting along. My health is verry good at present and has been all the winter. Your letter com to hand three weeks ago and I was glad to hear from you and that your self and family whear all well. Robert[1] & his wife and child[2] & the boys[3] are all well. The Methodist are holding a protracted meeting at our school hous, and are gitting up quite an excitement. What it will amount too time & eternity will disclose.

I am much pleased with my home and feel contented. I have a kind companion[4] and one that trise to make home plesent. My family is smol. It consist of three, his granddaughter, a plesent young lady about twenty. Her name is Maria Park. We live about four miles from Omro Village. Our farm is located in a plesant farming community. Our hous is rather small for two families but we mak out to get along comfortable thus far.

The Baptist Church in Omro are prospering. We are favoured with the gifts of Elder E. Thomas. We should be much grattified to have a visit from you [the letter is torn at this point]

The Elder joines with me in sending our love and respects to you and Luke[5] and the children and all inquireing friends.

This is from your mother to her daughter Sarah C Keith

Nancy B Betts

PS if money was plenty we would come and see you but necessity compels us to stay at home for the presant soo write often. Yours truely.

[1] Robert Crawford, Nancy’s son

[2] Louisa (McCann) Crawford and William Edwin Crawford

[3] Believe she is referring to Prosper and Eugene. As of 1-3-1857 both boys were living with her, but it would appear that since her recent marriage (see next paragraph) the two boys are living with Robert

[4] Nancy’s new husband, Elder Platt Betts. They were married November 8, 1857

[5] Charles Luke Keith Jr., Sarah’s husband

January 30, 1857 letter to Sarah Keith from Nancy Crawford

January 30, 1857

To: Sarah Keith

From: Nancy Crawford, Omro, WI

Nancy is keeping house alone with the little boys. Pros does the chores before school. Eugene goes to school with Pros. Louisa went with Robert to the woods to help with cooking. Nancy received a letter from Edwin saying he would like “the boys” to come out. He has 609 acres and will give them 50 or 70 apiece if they will chop him 20 apiece. Nancy has written to James and Henry but has not received a response. She received a letter from Hiram.

1857-01-30 1857-01-30B 1857-01-30C 1857-01-30D

Omro[1]  Jan the 30 1857

Dear Sarah

I have been slow a bout writing to you sence I received your last. I hope you will parden me for my negligence wich is not real negligence for I have not been well. I have been quite sick with a bad cold and have had a goodeal to see to. I am keeping hous alone withe the little boys[2]. Prosper[3] milks two cows and I churn twice or three times a weeke. He has the rest of his chores to ten to before he can git reddy for School. It keeps him verry bissy. Pros has got to bee a verry good studdy boy. Eugene[4] goes to School with Pros. Leousea[5] is gon with Robert[6] to the woods to help her Aunt Mrs. Couffer cook for the men and if we keep well I dont expect she will bee back hear till the first of April. I feal quite lonesum when the Children is gon and we havent no verry near neighbors alltho I had company one after noon this week. Two ladys came and spent the after noon with me. I am quite well a gane all tho my helth is not so good as it was before I was sick last summer. They have been verry kind to me. They have left me evry thing to make me comfortble and I injoy my self verry well. If you lived near hear so I could stept in and see you all I shold enjoy myself much better. They would like to have Luke[7] sell out and come and live hear. Rob thinks Luk would do better hear and injoy better health. I have gest received a letter from Edwin[8]. Thear are all well. He has writtin to the boys to com out thear. He has six hundred and nine acears of land. He sais he will let them have fifty or seventy a peace if they will chop him twenty apeace and he assist them abilding on thear place and will help them outher ways all he can. Thar is outhers standing reddy to take the job but he would rather the boys would have chance. He thinks they will be sorra in time if they dont take him up. I had a letter from Hiram[9] three weeks go. They whare all well and doing well. I wrote to them sence and told them to write to you. Edwin sais he has written to James[10] two monts go and has not received no answer and I to have written to James and have not got answer and I have written to Henry[11] and have not received an answer. I am glad to hear that Mrs Tubs has don so well. I think she would bee the wright one to sute them. Write as soon a you can write evry perticular. Tell the children that granma Pros and Eugene would like to see them and kiss them for me. My best love to you Sarah Luke and the children and Lous[12]. Prosper wish to bee rememberd to you all. He wants to see you Sarah verry much. He thinks in a year or two he will go and see you if you dont come out hear. Sarah I had the most of my Crockrey all broken to peaces. My stand was broke but my big rocking chair and large looking glass came safe. The big glass lamp the large platters the churn and I shant speake of any more.

This from your affectionate Mother to her Daughter

Nancy B Crawford [to] Sarah Keith

N B We have had a grate eal of verry cold wether. Bad colds is verry prevalent. We have had a good share ourselfs. The snow is three feet on a level and they say it is five in the woods. Pros haned your to me gest after I close mine. Yours and Eds both dated the 15. N B C

Edwins com night before last night.

[in margins on first page] N B I am glad to hear from you all and I hope you all will get the better of your colds soon. Before I sent my letter away Robert he said they whare all well. He sends his love to you all. N B C

[1] In 1852 Nancy moved first to Cassville and finally to Omro, Wisconsin, where her son Robert was living. According to the 1853 issue of the Wisconsin Gazetteer, Omro was “pleasantly situated on the south side of the Neenah River, 11 miles west from Oshkosh, and 75 miles northeast from Madison. It has a heavy body of lumber on the north, with a rich soil of openings and prairie on the south, and has excellent facilities by water for obtaining pine logs from the immense pinery of Wolf River, a great quantity of which is here manufactured into lumber. Population 600, with 100 dwellings, 5 stores, 2 hotels, 3 mills, and 4 religious denominations.”

[2] It appears she is living in Robert and Louisa’s home (while they are in the Pinery) with her son Prosper and grandson Eugene

[3] Nancy’s son, Lucius Prosper Crawford

[4] Her grandson, Eugene Crawford, who was apparently living with Nancy at this time. Eugene was the son of Edwin Crawford and his first wife, Louisa Hall

[5] Louisa (McCann) Crawford, Robert Crawford’s wife

[6] Nancy’s son, Robert Crawford

[7] Sarah’s husband, Charles Luke Keith Jr.

[8] Nancy’s son, Edwin Crawford

[9] Nancy’s son, Hiram Crawford Jr.

[10] Nancy’s son, James Crawford

[11] Nancy’s son, Henry Crawford

[12] Sarah’s stepdaughter, Lois Keith, who was the daughter of Luke and his first wife, Minerva Payson

August 31, 1856 letter to Sarah Keith from Luke Keith

August 31, 1856

To: Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Luke Keith, Omro, WI

He is still at Robert’s in Omro. He is feeling somewhat better and plans to leave Monday or Tuesday for Green Bay. Some of the men are going bear hunting and Robert has his hunting shirt done and “is a dancing around the floor.” Luke doesn’t feel well enough to go with them. Describes the area again and that they get their water from boring into the ground. When they get to water, it spouts up from 3 to 15 feet high. Says that Robert has a very good woman and their boy looks like Eugene and is as cross as ever Eugene was. Wants Sarah to tell Nancy and Ethan that he “will come home some time.”

Omro Aug 31st 1856

Sarah your letter was received Friday afternoon. I was glad to hear from home,[1] was sorry to hear that Father[2] had hurt his leg.[3] I am at Roberts[4] yet. I feel some better than I did when I wrote you before. I think I shall leave here monday or tuesday. I shal go to the bay and then I will write you a gan. I am glad you and the children are well. Pros[5] says he wants to see you the darndest ***[6] the other children. He wishes he could *** and nancy[7] sing pop goes the weasel *** enjoy themselves very well. Robert *** wishes you and the children *** got a very good woman.[8] She is not *** Lois[9] she wares short dresses and pant___ *** a little girl. Their boy[10] looks like Eugene[11] and is as cross as ever Jean[12] was. We have heard from David.[13] He is well. Hiram[14] is going out where Dade is in two weeks. Robert starts to morrow morning for the woods. There are six of them going up the woolf river a bear hunting. Bob has got his hunting shirt done and is a dancing around the floor. He wants I should go with them. I cant I dont feel stout enough for that. I like this country very well. There are some as farms about here as I ever saw in any country. They get their water by diging. They bore into the ground with a two inch auger from 20 to 75 feet. When they get to water it raises to the top of the ground, just spouts up from 3 to 15 feet high. I went to Osh Kosh friday saw James Sprague[15] Uncle Jesses[16] son. He showed me one that was —5 feet deep *** pipe some 4 feet above the top of *** and cold as any spring water *** crockery store. I will get around *** as I can. If I stop at Green bay or Mackinaw long enough to get a line from you I will write where to direct. I saw a man last evening, said he was some acquainted at the bay, said he knew one man there by the name of King.[17] He did not know what his given name was. I am comfortably well. Tell Nancy and Ethen[18] I will come home some time.

Yours as always

C. L. Keith

[to] Sarah C. Keith


[1] According to Luke’s 1856 diary, he was gone from home from August 11 through September 23. See the pages following the August 24, 1856 letter for a transcript of the entries during that time period

[2] Charles Luke Keith Sr., who also went by the name of Luke

[3] See August 24, 1856 letter

[4] Sarah’s brother, Robert Crawford

[5] Sarah’s brother, Lucius Prosper Crawford

[6] There is a large hole that runs through all the pages of the letter; *** indicates missing words

[7] Their daughter, Nancy Keith

[8] Robert’s wife, Louisa (McCann) Crawford

[9] Lois (Keith) Clark, Luke’s daughter by his first wife, Minerva (Payson) Keith

[10] William Edwin Crawford, who was born August 23, 1855

[11] Eugene Crawford, Sarah’s nephew, the son of Sarah’s brother, Edwin Crawford

[12] Believe this is short for Eugene

[13] Sarah’s brother, David (D. C.) Crawford

[14] Sarah’s brother, Hiram Crawford Jr.

[15] James G. Sprague and family were listed in the 1860 Census, living in Oshkosh

[16] Jesse Sprague was the uncle of Luke’s second wife, Jerusha (Crittenden) Keith; also, Jesse’s nephew, James Sprague Jr. (the son of Jesse’s brother James & Abiah [Carpenter] Sprague), was married to Luke’s sister, Martha “Patty” (Keith) Sprague

[17] Luke had an uncle and a cousin, both by the name of James King, that lived in De Pere, Wisconsin, which is in the Green Bay area

[18] Their son, Ethan Keith

August 18, 1856 letter to Sarah Keith from Luke Keith

August 18, 1856

To: Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Luke Keith, Omro, WI

Got to Omro and gives an account of Sarah’s mother and various brothers. Gives a detailed description of the area. Hasn’t been feeling well and if he doesn’t feel better in a day or two, will think about coming home, but doesn’t want to travel while sick as people take advantage of travelers who are sick.

Omro Aug 18th 1856


I Landed in the city of Omro Saturday noon found the folks all well. Hiram & Pros[1] are here. David[2] has left. He has gone up the wolf river to Stevens point some 60 miles. I left Kalamazoo Monday night at one got to Laport next day at 10 found your mother[3] quite comfortable so she does some work. She talks of going to Galesburg. Eugene[4] is with her. They dont hear from Edwin.[5] She expected Edwin after gean[6] before this time. Pros feels as cute as _____. He has got a gun and was shooting black birds when I got there. He is well suited. They have a fine country here. Every thing right but water. There are no running streams here. They have good water by diging. Robert[7] has a large spring on his place where he gets his water some ten rods from the house. The boats come within fifteen rods of his door. There has one steam boat passen here this morning and three horse boats. Bob has got a good farm has got his barn done has got some 200 acres of land up in the woods. The soil is very black and rich. It looks like the bottom land on the river. I went round some six or eight miles Sunday and saw some as fine looking farmes as I ever saw in any country. On the road south from omro I could see five or six miles around and see large houses and barns. I should think it was as thick silted as Kalamazoo County. There is some sickness here the most they have ever known. They are troubled with a sort of summer complaint.[8] There has been one death only. I dont feel as well as when I left home. I have had the back door trot two or three days past which makes me feel rather weak. You must write soon as you get this. Perhaps I should get it before I leave here. I should like to hear how you and all the family are geting along. If I dont feel better than I have for a day or two back I shall think some of going home. I should not like to be sick out here on expence. They know how to put it on to people that are traveling, fifty cents a meal and poor at that counts up some. They hold inproved farms here from 20 to 25 pr acer but they are farms. This would be the place for Lasher.

Write soon as you get this.

[to] S. C. Keith

C. L. Keith


[1] Sarah’s brothers, Hiram Crawford Jr. and Lucius Prosper Crawford

[2] Sarah’s brother, David (D. C.) Crawford

[3] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford

[4] Sarah’s nephew, Eugene Crawford, who would be six years old on August 22

[5] Sarah’s brother, Edwin Crawford; Edwin was Eugene’s father

[6] Believe this is short for Eugene

[7] Sarah’s brother, Robert Crawford

[8] Summer complaint usually refers to diarrhea, usually in infants, caused by spoiled milk