June 3, 1864 letter to Sarah Keith from Nancy Betts

Footnote #7 updated on 02-06-2016

June 3, 1864

To: Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI  

From: Nancy Betts, Dowagiac, MI

Sent the letter with Eugene. Wants them to make sure he gets on the 4 o’clock train. Wants to go to Henry’s on Monday. She has 20 pounds of rags and wants Sarah to help her weave a carpet. 

1864-06-03 1864-06-03env

Dowagac         June 3 [1864?[1]]

Dear Sarah

I send you a few lines by Eugene[2] and he will stay out with you and viset till satterday. I want you to see that he starts home on the four a clock train. I wanto start or go to Henry’s[3] on the morning train a Monday. I have about twenty pounds of rags cut. All that she has. She wants me to stay he(re) and make the carpet, but I cant do it. I wan to com home and ad more to it. Mary[4] sais if Nancy will make her som nice vaces, sais Edwin[5]will pay her her price and have her make Edna[6] a littel one to put in her vace. I dont expect to get home under tow wekes and then I want you to be redy to help me so I ca get my carpet wove right away. Mary is expecting a box of clothing and he is a gone to send me some things. I dont know what they are. I have no perticular news. I dont know as you can read this. I ask Mary for one sute of littel clos of Emet[7] and she gave me all that she could find. So I thought I would send them withe Eugene.

You Mother

Nancy B. Betts

[to] Sarah Keith

[1] There is no year listed on this letter. It is believed to have been written in 1864 for the following reasons. Nancy was still in Omro, WI on June 3, 1861. Moreover, while she was in Dowagiac in August of 1862, she appears not to have left Omro before July 29, 1862. In August 1863 she was in Beamsville, Ontario. In the August 19, 1864 letter from Edwin, he mentions seeing his mother in Dowagiac, while he was home the 1 of July. This would be consistent with a return trip from Canada

[2] Eugene Crawford, Edwin’s son and Nancy’s grandson

[3] Nancy’s son, Henry Crawford, who was living in Niles, Michigan, at the time

[4] Edwin’s wife, Mary (Hamilton) Crawford

[5] Edwin Crawford, Mary’s husband and Nancy’s son

[6] Edna Crawford, Edwin and Mary’s nine-year-old daughter and Nancy’s granddaughter

[7] Emmet Emmett Crawford, Edwin and Mary’s five seven-year-old son and Nancy’s grandson

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