August 13, 1865 letter to Sarah Keith from Luke Keith

August 13, 1865

To: Sarah Keith 

From: Charles Luke Keith Jr., Omro, WI

He is at Robert’s. Prosper has done well and “calculates to stay . . . up the river.” Aunt Mary expects to go to York State to live. Luke’s clothes are falling apart. When he left De Pere he had his trunk checked for Oshkosh and hasn’t seen it since. Hasn’t had any luck selling bed bottoms and is pretty discouraged.

1865-08-13 1865-08-13B 1865-08-13C 1865-08-13D

Omro   Aug 13th 1865

I am at Roberts.[1] Came up here Friday afternoon. Found them all well. Did not find Pros[2]. He was up the river. They expected him home to day. Pros has done well this summer. He gets good wages. Calculates to stay. Your Aunt Mary[3] expects to go to York state to live. If there is any letters come for me you may send them to me. I have written to Brad and to some men in Galena. Told them to send to Galesburg and you would forward them to me. I am well as usual but alfired sore dont know what to do some times. My shirts are about give up. I have but one whole one. The sleves are all gone to two of them and the bosums are going to peaces. Have not received a cent yet. I have some bottoms[4] spoke for. Dont expect they will take them when I get ready to put them in. I cant do any thing. My trunk is gone. When I left Depere I had my trunk checked for Oshkosh. That is the last I have seen of it. I am up here with a dirty shirt. Who cares? I might stayed at home and let patent wrights went to grass. They want bed bottoms at Omro now. They have found out that they are a good thing. The cabinet maker says they Enquire for them most every day. I could sell the county wright to Mr Gray if he had the means. He wants I should let him have some bottoms to sell on commission. He says they will sell here now. I Received a letter from Mr Blackburn Friday. He seems to be doing well. I hope he will make a pile. I am satisfied that I shant. If I could sell enough to pay Father[5] and Catharine[6] this fall I should like it first rate. If no more we have got to live some how. Have you got any thing to eat? I guess the Devil will never shit luck to me. When they ask you how I am doing tell them I am doing all the time. I have run and worked enough to sold a Thousand Dollars worth but have not quite got it. I am afraid I shall have to sell norman[7] but I dont want to if I can help it. I find Enough that would like to get bottoms to sell. They think they would sell but dont want to buy territory and make them themselves and so it goes. I wish you would look to my cap and otter skin. Take them out and air them if you have not. Tell Catharine not to lay a wake nights thinking how she is going to get her pay. I will pay her as soon as I can get money enough. Perhaps I shall be lucky after a while. It looks rather dark now. I think I shall write to Henry before long. I am at Omro yet. Monday I calculated to went back to Oshkosh to day but the Express got the start of me. I shall try and be on hand to morrow morning for the Express or the boat. Pros did not come home yesturday. They expected him. He had been gone two weeks. He dont often stay longer than that. I came down to Oshkosh this morning. Tuesday found a letter from King[8]. He has not sold any territory yet. Thinks he can sell Dodge County. He will knew to morrow. You may direct to Oshkosh if you write or get any letters for me. I will write you when I leave. I shall stay here a few days longer. Robert and Mr Gray almost concluded to buy Winnebago County yesterday but had not the means to pay down. They think they may conclude to take it this fall if I dont sell it before.

Yours as ever

C.L. Keith

Keep dark as you can for my sake. Good by

[1] Robert Crawford, Sarah’s brother

[2] Lucius Prosper Crawford, Sarah’s brother

[3] Mary (Comfort) Wickersham

[4] Luke sold bed bottoms, which were a rubberized form of bedsprings

[5] Charles Luke Keith Sr.

[6] Luke’s sister

[7] Believe this was their cow

[8] James King, Luke’s cousin


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